Dentures: Care and Maintenance

Posted on: July 5, 2016


At Rogler Family Dentistry, we can provide you with a new set of dentures to replace your missing teeth.  Additionally, we can complete denture repairs. We are located in the 07853 area and treat patients throughout Long Valley, NJ. Dentures can last longer if you have them examined and repaired on a regular basis. It is normal to experience changes in your jaw after tooth loss, and this can lead to dentures not fitting as correctly as they once did. Typically, this is due to something called resorption, where the jawbone loses density due to calcium being absorbed by the body for use in other areas. To address this, we like to make adjustments to dentures to ensure that as the jaw changes, our patients are not living with a loose set of teeth.  If your dentures are no longer feeling comfortable or they are obviously damaged, call (908) 850-0506 and schedule an appointment with our Long Valley dental office.

Your Jaw With Partial Dentures and Dentures

Whether you have experienced partial or complete tooth loss, you will need to replace your teeth.  Both dentures and partial dentures are an excellent way to do so since modern dentures look natural and are durable.  Still, you will experience some changes to your jawbone, so even if you are wearing partial dentures, it is likely that your dentures will need to be adjusted at some point.

Soft Liners Are a Convenient Solution

Soft liners or a soft reline procedure is one of the ways we can help dentures that are loose to fit securely again. This may be a temporary solution to implement before scheduling full repairs in the future.  However, it is a solution that can be implemented quickly so you can once again eat with comfort and not risk the embarrassment of having your loose dentures fall out of your mouth while speaking. Soft liners are a lining material that is very soft and sponge like. It is placed between the soft roof of your mouth and your hard denture base.  Soft liners are essentially a padding for your dentures. Just like you may put a padding in a shoe that has become loose when walking, soft liners can be placed on the top of your denture to ensure that it does not slip out of place but fits securely. Many of our 07853 patients also like to use soft liners because they can make dentures more comfortable when the gum tissue tends to be irritated.

Relines vs. Rebase: Common Denture Repairs Offered by Rogler Family Dentistry

The most common denture repairs are a result of dentures no longer fitting securely.  If your dentures are loose, we may recommend full relines. The relines procedure is where we resurface the base of your dentures so they can once again be correctly molded to fit securely around your gums. A rebase is used when more significant repairs are necessary.  With a rebase, we actually replace the entire base of your dentures so they can fit securely. With both a rebase and relines, we will need to take impressions of your mouth and measurements so the base of your denture can be correctly adjusted.

Extend the Life of Your Dentures With Care, Maintenance, and Repairs

At Rogler Family Dentistry, we are happy to provide you with soft liners, relines, or rebase your dentures as needed. This will work to extend the life of your dentures and keep you comfortable. Additionally, we recommend that you take good care of your dentures and exercise basic maintenance steps in order to prevent them from becoming damaged. For example, you should remove them with both hands so they are slowly taken out of your mouth instead of yanked to one side. You also need to clean them and soak them nightly.  Lastly, be sure to visit our Long Valley, NJ dental office at least once a year so we can examine your gums and dentures to see if any adjustments need to be made. To schedule your appointment, call (908) 850-0506.

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