Common Family Dentist Emergencies

Posted on: July 5, 2016


As a Long Valley, NJ family dentist, we treat patients in need of all types of dental services.  We are familiar with treating dental emergencies as well.  This is an important distinction to make between ourselves and other dentists because most dentists are only open during limited business hours.  At Rogler Family Dentistry, we understand that there is no way to plan for when a tooth will become chipped, cracked, or even knocked out.  This is why we are an emergency dentist – we want to be there when our 07853 patients need us.  If you have damaged a tooth in any way or wake up with a sudden toothache, call (908) 850-0506 and schedule an appointment with our emergency dentist office.

Here are a few of the common family dentist emergencies we see on a regular basis:

  • Toothaches. One of the more common dental emergencies we treat is the common toothache. This typically occurs because there is undiagnosed tooth decay or an infection. We can help prevent this by examining and cleaning your teeth on a regular basis. However, if you or your child wakes up with a sudden toothache, we are here to assist as your local family dentist office.  Typically, this will involve removing the decay or infection, cleaning the area, and then restoring the tooth with something like dental bonding or a dental crown.
  • Cracked tooth. At Rogler Family Dentistry, we have found that many of our patients have needed an emergency dentist appointment after eating something hard like a bag of trail mix or chewing ice and accidentally cracking a tooth in the process. Chipping a tooth is actually fairly common, and we can restore damaged teeth quickly as an emergency dentist.  The severity of the crack or chip will determine the type of restoration you need, be it dental bonding, a veneer, or dental crown. All our restorations look natural and will enable you to eat with comfort and smile without anyone being able to tell that you damaged a tooth.
  • Sports injuries. Many of our 07853 patients experience dental sports injuries while playing or practicing. Whether your child is playing baseball for the first time or you are in a basketball league after work, damaging a tooth while playing sports is an easy way to need an emergency dentist, since most of these injuries happened outside of business hours. If this happens to you, call (908) 850-0506 and schedule an appointment.
  • Knocked-out tooth. A tooth can easily become knocked out in a variety of accidents. When this occurs, you need an emergency dentist appointment right away. It may be possible to reattach the tooth.  Otherwise, we can replace it using a solution like dentures or dental implants.

We are a family dentist as well.  This means we not only see and treat emergency dental problems but can also work to prevent them. We can help you maintain healthy teeth and gums so you are less likely to suffer from a dental emergency.  For example, if your teeth are healthy, they are less likely to crack or chip.  If they are full of decay, it is only a matter of time before more of your enamel becomes damaged.

Visit Our Emergency Dentist Office Instead of the ER

If you live in the Long Valley area, we encourage you to visit us any time you have an emergency with one of your teeth. This is far superior to visiting an emergency room at the hospital because the doctors there are not trained on how to treat dental damage. We are, and we can help you right away so you can return to your life, free from dental pain or damage.  As an added benefit, it will cost you far less to visit an emergency dentist than it would to first visit the emergency room and then call a family dentist to fix your tooth the next day.  As a Long Valley, NJ emergency dentist, we are eliminating the need for you to have your tooth examined twice and to have multiple visits.  Instead, we will examine and treat you right away so you can begin to feel better.

Call (908) 850-0506 for your emergency dentist appointment.

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